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As a family-owned company, Preferred Hotel Group is strongly committed to philanthropy and community and to showing unconditional support for communities in need. While spending quality time on vacation in Bermuda at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa – a long-standing member of Preferred Hotel Group – the Ueberroth Family recognized that the company had achieved a global scope that could support the efforts of member hotels located in markets affected by social, economic, or sustainability issues. Inspired by the opportunity to showcase that every step taken can have a big impact on the hospitality industry’s sustainable footprint, they devised a strategy to promote and reward hotels around the globe that take the meaning of genuine hospitality beyond their front doors. And so, the GiFTTS journey began…

Preferred Hotel Group represents more than 650 one-of-a-kind independent hotels and resorts worldwide, many of which have an enormous impact on their communities through personalized, proactive community service efforts. The GiFTTS program was created to recognize the exceptional actions of member hotels and their employees in the areas of philanthropy, community, sustainability, and education. In addition to promoting the good deeds that occur within the communities of its hotels, Preferred Hotel Group also has a strong internal program for its associates that encourages volunteerism and Corporate Social Responsibility within each of its offices.

“It is imperative for everyone involved in the travel process – from hoteliers to their guests – to embrace community and social responsibility, as these collective actions will foster change and bring great value to our global communities. The goal of GiFTTS is to recognize the exemplary examples of selfless giving set by our member hotels, promote them as “best practices,” and set new standards that inspire the travel industry worldwide.”
~ Lindsey Ueberroth, President & CEO, Preferred Hotel Group

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